About high-concentration EGT ingredients

7000 times more antioxidant than vitamin E!
Suppresses the production of melanin, the source of blemishes, and supports aging care for firmness and elasticity of the skin.

In recent years, EGT (ergothioneine) has been attracting attention as a super amino acid useful for humans, such as preventing various diseases and maintaining health. EGT is a kind of rare amino acid that is contained in trace amounts in mushrooms, etc., and is a component that has super antioxidant activity 7,000 times that of "vitamin E", also known as an antioxidant vitamin. Known as the "longevity vitamin" due to its excellent antioxidant properties, it is one of the ingredients that is attracting the most attention in the fields of food, medicine, and cosmetics, and it is certain that it will be applied to various products in the future. increase.

Except for water and lipids, the human body, including hair, is mostly made up of protein, and this protein is made up of 20 kinds of amino acids.
A lack of amino acids causes a variety of disorders, such as a body that is difficult to lose weight, anemia, sensitivity to cold, and skin troubles. Amino acids are important substances for our bodies. However, since EGT is a super-antioxidant amino acid that exists only in nature and cannot be produced in the body, it is considered one of the most popular anti-aging treatments.


“Antioxidant is to suppress the oxidation of the skin and body. 』

It is a keyword of attention for those who want to do aging care.
Aging and external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and air pollution cause oxidation, which lowers the barrier function and causes spots, wrinkles, and other skin problems. The antioxidant effect of high-concentration EGT suppresses the production of melanin, which causes dark spots. In addition, it supports the ingredients that maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin, such as collagen and elastin in the dermis, and the protection of hair such as eyelashes.


At SAIRAI, we quickly focused on the antioxidant effect of EGT, which supports the creation of healthy skin, and conducted repeated research and development. Introduced Japan's first unique manufacturing method (Vegan Synergy manufacturing method®︎) that combines high-concentration EGT with a purity of 98% and high-purity mineral particles using a special extraction method. All products contain EGT.

In addition, EGT was GRAS (*) certified by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) in 2019, and in the United States, it is used in supplements, etc., and is recognized as a safe ingredient to be taken into the body.
(* GRAS is an abbreviation for Generally Recognized As Safe, and is a substance whose safety under certain conditions of intended use has been proven by the knowledge and experience of experts in the field. )