About skin trouble

Thank you. Both the Protection & Cover Extra Luminous Cushion Compact and Reward Powder contain non-chemical UV scattering agents such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide. I'm sorry.

Titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which are mineral ingredients, are made by oxidizing the metals iron and zinc to change their properties. Allergies that react to each person will differ depending on physical condition and environment. If you have any concerns, please check the ingredient list and consult a doctor before using.

*For customers who are concerned about allergic reactions, etc., we recommend that you perform a patch test on a part of your body that is prone to reactions before using.

In terms of general cosmetics, there are many products on the market that are characterized by not falling off or crumbling for a long time to meet the needs of busy modern women. In order to keep it sticking to the skin for a long time, compounds such as synthetic polymers and silicones are blended to block the pores, which will remain in the pores unless a cleansing agent containing a strong surfactant is used. However, strong cleansing agents wash away even the intercellular lipids that keep the spaces between cells evenly under the epidermis, destroying the barrier function that covers the stratum corneum and causing skin problems such as bacterial invasion from there. Yes. While responding to needs, it is also a serious problem that the number of people suffering from skin problems due to it is increasing. First of all, with the desire to restore the skin's original functions and turn it into healthy and beautiful skin, continuous use of SAIRAI, which is made with only naturally derived ingredients that can be washed off with soap alone, will regenerate the skin. We do not recommend using cleansing agents because we want you to experience it.
At the same time, by not using compounds, it is possible to take care of the skin and also consider the preservation of the global environment.

As I answered above, in order to increase the coverage and keep the freshly applied makeup, it is almost always the case that a chemical compound is added to make the makeup last longer. If makeup is removed by strong cleansing and the barrier function is destroyed and the skin itself is shaken, it will not be able to protect the skin from irritation and external factors. Of course, it cannot be said that it is the only cause, but it is considered to be one of the causes of rough skin. The developer himself continued to have such worries and anxieties, so he created SAIRAI, which can be used every day without anxiety, with a focus on safe ingredients in cosmetics, just like you worry about additives in your food.


SAIRAI products are never tested on animals. In addition, we only use raw materials that have been confirmed not to be tested on animals.

Vegan cosmetics are clean beauty cosmetics that do not use any animal-derived ingredients and that are not tested on animals during the manufacturing process. At SAIRAI, we list ingredients that we have decided not to use in addition to animal-derived ingredients.

About unused ingredients

All SAIRAI products do not use nanoparticulate ingredients.

Regular foundations are coated with various ingredients such as silicon compounds to prevent the makeup from coming off and make it last longer. We were able to meet the needs of busy modern people by using chemical substances to keep the freshly applied state for a long time. It has been. SAIRAI products are foundations that remove those things that are not good for the skin, and can be used safely by those with sensitive skin or those with skin problems, making their skin look more beautiful.

One of the reasons for the above is that a foundation made of silicon or the like that makes the makeup last longer clogs the pores, and the makeup cannot be removed without the use of a strong cleansing agent. This is because strong cleansing agents wash away even the substances that maintain the skin's barrier layer, such as intercellular lipids.

Both protection & cover and extra luminous cushion compacts have makeup base, concealer effect, foundation, UV protection effect, and serum effect. After washing your face, you can use it as it is after preparing your bare skin with basic cosmetics, but you can also use a makeup base if you like, and it is also recommended to use Protection & Cover as a base. Doing.

As with general cosmetics, if unopened and properly stored, the quality is maintained for 3 years from the date of manufacture. However, if it is stored in a hot and humid place or exposed to direct sunlight, the quality may deteriorate or deteriorate even if it is unopened. Please. In addition, once opened, we recommend that you use up the cosmetics as soon as possible.

With all SAIRAI products, it is possible to remove make-up with soap only, without the use of cleansing agents.

About soap off makeup

All of SAIRAI's products do not contain ingredients that cannot be removed without cleansing agents such as synthetic polymers, synthetic surfactants, and oils such as silicon. You can remove makeup beautifully just by lathering the soap and washing your face gently and carefully.

SAIRAI does not contain any chemical substances such as silicon or synthetic coloring agents or preservatives. increase. It is possible to make the skin of people who live in the natural world look beautiful only with natural ingredients.
Natural minerals also have the power to protect the skin from various external factors by reflecting harmful ultraviolet rays. Makeup with SAIRAI products or products that are marked as soap-off can be removed with soap only, but this does not apply if you are also using a product that requires a cleansing agent.

For those who have been using cosmetics containing chemical ingredients or synthetic cleansing agents in the past, after switching to soap-off makeup and using SAIRAI, which is made only of naturally derived ingredients, the skin accumulates inside the skin until then. In order to push out the chemicals that have been trapped in the skin and regain the original power of the skin that has been trapped, there is a phenomenon that the cells are awakened and awakened. This kind of thing called an improvement reaction is predicted, but it is said that the cycle of skin turnover is about 1 month, the rebirth of body cells is about 3 months, and the blood is replaced about 4 months. We would like you to enjoy SAIRAI makeup by continuing to use it for at least one month.

(However, if you experience symptoms such as inflammation or a rash that worsens, we recommend that you stop using the product and consult a doctor.)

At SAIRAI, we believe that ingredients are just as important for products that are applied directly to the skin as they are for products that are taken in through the mouth. It's not that the animal-derived ingredients are bad, but we thought it through from various perspectives such as hormones, allergenic substances, and environmental problems, and we had the best encounter with EGT (ergothioneine), a naturally-derived premium amino acid. A commitment to vegan cosmetics was born by eliminating all. Regarding the metals of plants and minerals, it is not a formula that causes allergies. If you have any concerns, we recommend that you check the ingredients before use and perform a patch test or consult a medical institution before use.