About the skin cycle

High-concentration EGT activates turnover that regenerates the skin.
We recommend that you continue to use the product for at least one month.

Turnover is a mechanism of metabolism in which our body is reborn in a certain cycle.
In general, the cycle is said to be about 28 days for skin, about 90 days for cells, and about 120 days for blood.

Our skin becomes rough (irregular turnover) due to various factors such as external stress such as air pollutants and masks, nutritional imbalance in meals, lack of sleep, allergies due to ingredients, and hormonal imbalance. easier.

"SAIRAI is a cosmetic that draws out the natural vitality of the skin."

Super amino acid high concentration EGT activates this turnover and promotes the rebirth of keratin.
Even if you start using SAIRAI, it may be difficult to feel the turnover of keratin in a short period of time.
First of all, we recommend that you continue to use it for at least about a month when this skin is reborn.

Please feel the effect of SAIRAI with your skin reborn with turnover.

In general, when you switch cosmetics, you may experience temporary side effects depending on your skin type.
One possible cause is that chemical substances that have accumulated so far are pushed up to the surface at once due to turnover, and in rare cases, red spots may appear.