About Viga Synergy manufacturing method

For skin without uneven color, floating, or dullness.
Keeps the freshly applied color and moisturizing feeling for a long time!

The high-purity premium mineral particles naturally adjust the texture of the skin one by one, so it blends in like bare skin and creates a finish with a sense of unity.

It is surprisingly light and comfortable to wear, and it brings you closer to your ideal beautiful skin without straining or stressing your skin.

High-purity premium mineral particles refined by the Viga Synergy manufacturing method cover the skin without any gaps, keeping the freshly applied color and moisturizing feeling for a long time. In addition, as time passes, it blends with the skin and becomes more transparent, creating a skin that does not show unevenness or dullness. In addition, the synergistic effect of the high-concentration EGT (ergothioneine), which has a high antioxidant effect, protects the skin from problems such as spots and wrinkles caused by oxidation, while supporting daily aging care.

In addition, the UV and blue light cut effect of high-purity premium mineral particles, the melanin production suppression effect of high-concentration EGT, and the pore care of botanical extracts provide triple protection to care for your skin. It gently protects your heart, even if you want to.