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Veganish Shine Reward Powder

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Method: Veega Synergy Formula®
Ingredient: Mica, silica, ergothioneine, birch bark extract, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, jojoba seed oil (organic), olive fruit oil (organic), ethanol (plant-derived), water, titanium oxide, aluminum hydroxide, stearic acid, iron oxide
Usage: After applying base or foundation, place the puff in the container and gently shake it up and down to apply loose powder to the puff. Knead the puff to blend in and remove excess powder. Place the powder so that the puff surface touches the skin.
*Synthetic ingredients such as synthetic preservatives, synthetic coloring agents, silicon, UV absorbers, petroleum-based surfactants, and animal-derived ingredients are not included.
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Get more skin than you can imagine.
A veganish powder that doesn't crumble or dull, for a higher-grade brilliance.

The fine particles produced by the unique "Vega Synergy manufacturing method" are surprisingly light and comfortable to wear.
Skin care comes true while suppressing shine, and the brilliance of natural ore leads to pore-less glossy ceramic skin.
Combined with SAIRAI 's cushion compact, the finish of the skin is even more beautiful.